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Full-service, tailor-made
Fund, Index, ETF Management Advisory

We are offering unique algorithmic data, signals, and tailor-made input for all kinds of IP-based investment strategies, optimized for direct use and implementation.

Our preferred business model is based on a shared revenue principle or  on a flat annual fee. 

All strategies are based on companies owning patents (and utility models). 

Private Equity Services

We can identify all kinds of companies worldwide with at least one valid patent - as long as their balance sheets are published.

If you have a certain investment focus ( e.g., blockchain), a certain regional focus (e.g., South America), or a certain company size focus  (e.g., small caps), we can help you the most interesting candidates from an IP point of view. Or help you rating their specific IP (patents).

Here we are working on a annual flat fee basis.

Fund Construction

We may compose all kinds of fund strategies, such as stocks, derivates, and special funds, like total return, alpha strategies, etc., all based on the stocks and derivates of companies with patents.


For smaller investment firms, where a single, short-term collaboration is more productive, we also offer research services (e.g., by valuing a patent portfolio of a certain company or a group of companies).



What can we do for you improve your performance?
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