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Our products: Ready-to-use or tailor-made

We are offering ready-to-use patent value datasets for all listed companies, as well as ready-to-use strategies that have been tested in countless simulations.

Alternatively we offer solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Datasets, ready-to-use




Patent values in USD for publicly traded companies worldwide plus additional qualitative metrics including history.


per entity and time slice including history:

  • total patent value

  • differentiation between self-invented, acquired and sold patent values

  • number of alive patent families

  • 6 benchmark-related qualitative patent-based key-indicators

  • patent-based additional sector-classification


As of June 30th 2023

  • in the entire backfile: 58,458 active or meanwhile inactive worldwide equities, listed on stock exchanges that own patents

  • Among those 18,404 currently listed with patents and

  • 3,474 currently delisted and unlisted companies with patents

  • History: all equities from year 1/2007

  • Interval: monthly

  • Companies of 112 countries in total,


  • North America: 14,323 listed and 4,682 de- and unlisted

  • Europe: 4,923 listed and 4,281 de- and unlisted

  • Asia: 21,091 listed, 12,051 de- and unlisted

Statistics examples:

Historical coverage:

  • back to January 2007

  • monthly

update frequency/deliveries:

  • monthly


  • Documentation of data and file structure

  • Backtesting documentation including 3 standard and ready-to-use patent-value-based strategies that deliver significant outperformance tested on various indices.

Data format:

  • csv

  • json

companies by origin (entire dataset)

listed companies with patents




ESG and SDG related patent value shares and Patent values in USD for all alive patents of listed and delisted companies globally including history.


per entity and time slice, including history

  • total patent portfolio value

  • E (environment), S (social) and G (governance) -related patent value shares

  • SDG-related value shares (per 12 single Sustainable Development Goals)


Same coverage as of Q-IPR, however, not all companies have sustainable patents.

Visualisation examples:



  • Documentation of data and file structure

  • Backtesting documentation including 2 standard and ready-to-use patent-value-ESG/SDG based strategies that deliver provide a sustainable portfolio and outperformance, tested on various indices.

Data format:

  • csv

  • json

Taylored products

general customizations:

for example:

  • adding additional or removing data or coverage features

  • adjusting data frequencies

  • adding delivery formats

  • provision specific API

Regions or topics:

If you are planning an individual fund or index with, for example

  • a thematic investment focus (e.g. blockchain, AI)

  • a particular regional focus (e.g. South America)

  • or company size focus (e.g. small caps),

we will help you identify the most interesting candidates from an IP perspective and create your customized dataset.

Fund Construction:

We can put together all kinds of fund strategies, such as equities, derivatives and special funds, such as total return, alpha strategies, etc.

All based on stocks and derivatives of companies with patents.


For smaller investment firms, where a single, short-term collaboration is more productive, we also offer research services (e.g., by valuing a patent portfolio of a certain company or a group of companies).

Backesting & performance simulations


MSCI World


Metric                                              Selected backtest strategy            MSCI World Index

Ø performance per year                      11,4%                                                 7,0%

Ø Drawdown                                               -6,3%                                                -5,9%

Max. Drawdown                                        -24,5%                                              -24,8%

Nasdaq Composite

Nasdaq chart.png

Metric                                              Selected backtest strategy            Nasdaq Composite

Ø performance per year                      17,7%                                                 6,8%

Ø Drawdown                                               -6,8%                                                -7,5%

Max. Drawdown                                        -28,9%                                              -31,2%


  • For all tested indices and funds (benchmarks) we applied different filtering strategies, e.g. the top 30% with the most valuable patent portfolios.

  • In total, we tested 3 different patent-based strategies on all these universes.

  • In all reference cases, we found at least one patent-based strategy that outperformed it's individual benchmark.



All our backtests were performed with equally weighted stock portfolios. In a wide backtesting analysis we have analyzed hundreds of funds and indexes where the composition was published.


References and foreign sources

Best New Smart Beta ETF

Invesco QQQS

The basis of the smart beta ETF is the Nasdaq Innovators Completion Cap Index (NCX) which was created through cooperation of Nasdaq with IPR Strategies Ltd.


The Invesco NASDAQ Future Gen 200 ETF (QQQS) offers exposure to 200 Nasdaq-listed stocks ranking below the ones included in the 100-stock Nasdaq-100 Index and Nasdaq Next Generation Index in size but falling within the components of the Nasdaq Composite Index. Companies are screened to include those with the most valuable patent portfolios relative to their size, and are equal-weighted within QQQS’ index. 

May, 2023

more Information:

Nasdaq Trade Talks: Nasdaq Director of Index Research & Development Mark Marex joins Jill Malandrino on TradeTalks

Nasdaq Trade Talks: Andreas Zagos joins Jill Malandrino to discuss the patent value factor to designing an index.


3rd party simulations


November, 2022

msci_key metric.png


INVESCO Expands QQQ Innovation Suite to Include Small-Cap ETF


Companies included in the Invesco QQQ Innovation Suite have always spent considerably more on
research and development and Invesco wanted to capture that same commitment to innovation on a smaller cap-tier


Stephanie DiIorio, US ETFs Media Relations Director, October 2022

QUONIAM ASSET MANAGEMENT: Generating alpha with innovative ideas

Since the carrying amount of patents provides precious little support in this respect, Quoniam uses alternative data provided by IPR Strategies, a company specialising in performing patent valuations for enterprises. IPR Strategies has set up a database for traded patents which is based on information gained from M&A transactions, auctions, and manual valuations. The dataset is trained using a learning process and identifies indicators which are relevant to valuation – including market-based, legal or technical details of patents. To assess individual patents, they are compared to traded patents with similar characteristics.

Dr. Oliver Murschall, Executive Director, Research

Quoniam Asset Managment, October 2020

NASDAQ INC:  Introducing The Nasdaq Innovators Completion Cap Index™:  Small Caps For the Innovation-Driven Economy of Tomorrow

Index Composition, Performance and Methodology


Mark Marex, CFA, Director, Nasdaq Index Research & Development, September 2022


BÖRSENSTRATEGIEN 2023: Patente & Innovationen als Schlüsselfaktoren für langfristigen Anlageerfolg

Innovationen & Patente sind Schlüsselfaktoren für den Erfolg von Unternehmen. Doch wie können diese Themen effizient analysiert werden, vor allem mit Blick auf die Börsen-Bewertung von Aktien-Gesellschaften? Und wie lässt sich messen, welchen Einfluss Patente auf die Kursentwicklung haben? Antworten von Dr. Dierk-Oliver Kiehne



Dr. Dierk-Oliver Kiehne, January 2023



Beschreibung einer indikatorbasierten Bewertungsmethode für Patente

Andreas Zagos, October 2022



Interview mit Dierk-Oliver Kiehne auf Finanzen TV über Patentwert und Rendite

Dr. Dierk-Oliver Kiehne, October 2019

“The results that we have found whithin backtesting were better than most of the other factors that we used so far.There is a strong significance between the indicators that are derived from corporate patent values and the performance of the dedicated company.”  
Quantitative Analyst
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