IPR-Strategies releases new patent valuation dataset model

August 11, 2023

IPR-Strategies releases a new version of the patent valuation dataset. In addition to several improvements on the database side that allow for more reliable and powerful calculations, the new dataset offers a number of very useful new data points and features:

  • Improved patent valuation: The patent valuation formula has been further developed and improved, the algorithm has been re-trained with values in USD, accordingly the output values are also in USD. In addition, patent claims are more thoroughly analyzed and considered in the valuation of each single patent making the value prediction more accurate.
  • Improved mapping of patents to owners: Newly developed, state-of-the-art mapping technology ensures accurate linkage between patent applicants and current owners. This makes it possible to distinguish between acquired, invented and sold patents in a patent portfolio.
  • Improved company coverage: The new dataset provides much greater coverage of publicly traded companies with valued patents.
  • Improved patent expiration data: Especially for U.S. patents and utility models, the new dataset provides more accurate patent expiration dates.
  • Focus on sustainable innovation: The revised ESG/SDG assessment has a more precise sustainability coverage and now includes new factors such as the gender ratio of inventors per company as a "social" aspect. Governance aspects are also included for the first time through metadata analysis. For the first time, environmental, social and governance aspects can be derived from patent data.

Finally, the more accurate valuation even shows better results in backtesting simulations when patent-based stock selection strategies are used.

For the convenience of existing users who prefer the previous version of the dataset, it will still be possible to obtain data from the previous valuation model.  For the time being, IPR-Strategies will continue to provide data from the previous version without restriction, although a free upgrade to the new data version is strongly recommended.


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