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 patents  - the missing factor for investment decisions



IPR Strategies | About

Patents represent the willingness of companies to invest in innovation and future technology. They represent a future legal monopoly on certain inventions and, thereby, a legal competitive advantage. Patents are intangible assets that are mostly invisible on balance sheets. These assets turn into measurable value in terms of revenue and profit within the following years; thus, they are an early indicator of a future positive value as long as the patents are of high quality and high value. We call them “innovation premium.”

Our philosophy is to find companies with high future potential based on their intellectual property rights (IPR) asset situations and derive investment strategies for investors, fund managers, quantitative analysts, etc. Based on our comprehensive IPR value knowledge of all (listed) companies worldwide in combination with fundamental company data, we offer strategies based on the missing IPR-factor to our clients.

See our examples of (simulated) indices or funds using certain IPR-related filters and rulesets as well as their amazing outperformances.

Patents are also suitable to detect the ESG (Enviromental, Social and Governance) capabilities of a certain company by analysing their patents focussing on technologies and processes that address the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


So far, IPR-Strategies is the only supplier that provides ESG and SDG patent value factors, the missing link for sustainable investing.

Our solution has been implemented by asset managers with over 300 billion euros in assets under management (References available upon request).

Based on the patent-value datasets, different strategies can be applied using patent values, their growth, single or multiple key figures we include in our datasets, ESG or SDG key figures, combinations thereof or their growth.


The positive correlation between a company’s patent portfolio value, it’s development over time and the company’s success in the market, represented   e.g. by the patent owners stock price development was already proved before in single investigations .
Our own calculations, e.g. using the MSCI World index as an example, show that stocks with patent value > EUR 5 million perform significantly better (blue line) than the benchmark (grey line), and stocks with 0 < patent value <= EUR 5 million (red line) perform worse than the benchmark (see graph on the right).

The Invesco NASDAQ Future Gen 200 ETF (Symbol: QQQS) is the first commercially available ETF using patent portfolio values in relation to the company value as stock  selection criteria.

IPR Strategies | What We Do
  • We develop quantitative factors  and investment strategies based on the monetary value of the patent portfolio of a company. 

  • We support investors in enhancing their existing strategy with an additional fundamental factor, measuring the hidden assets of a company.

  • We deliver insight regarding a company's technological roadmap and can determine risks and opportunities. 

  • We believe that patents are the most important early indicator of the prognosis of growth and sustainability of the revenue an profit of a technology company.

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Customized solutions
Deep inside the technical analysis of a company's intellectual properties (patents and their values)
Innovative companies are recognized by their IP activities

Different studies have shown that companies that are active in IP (applying patents and utility models) are more innovative and better prepared for the future than others. Quantity is not quality, of course, only highly valuable patents, the total IP value, and its development over time indicate really innovative activities. This shows a major potential for the future of a company, compared to their competitors, for example. These are tomorrow´s outperformers.

Based on a company's hidden assets and future potential represented by their patent values, and patent value trend
Companies with high value patent portfolios - A new asset class
The aim is to provide investors with maximum stability and security in earnings based on (longterm) strategies worldwide.
The value analysis of the patent portfolios of different top high-tech companies worldwide in almost all sectors enables different 
investment strategies for funds, family offices, or private equity investors. Backtests as well as live trackings show that all benchmarks can be outperformed for companies listed on stock markets. In addition, non-listed companies can be valued.
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