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patents - the missing factor for investment decisions



Are you looking for an investment strategy that will provide you with deep insight into companies? Look no further! Our focus is on valuing intellectual property (IP) assets such as patents and applying this knowledge to an investment strategy.

Patents represent a company's willingness to invest in innovation and future technology. They represent a future legal monopoly on certain inventions and thus a legal competitive advantage. Patents are intangible assets that are largely invisible on balance sheets. These assets become measurable in terms of revenues and profits over the next few years, so they are an early indicator of future value, provided the patents are of high quality and value. We call this the "innovation premium.

Our mission is to find companies with high future potential based on their IPR value in order to derive investment strategies for investors, fund managers, quantitative analysts, etc.
To this end, we regularly value all patents worldwide using a reliable, machine-based process and assign them to their current owners.  

Our data packages include the patent portfolio values of all (listed) companies worldwide. From this and in combination with fundamental and market data, we regularly develop and test strategies based on the missing IPR factor. We are happy to share the most promising ones with our clients.

See our examples of (simulated) indices or funds using specific IPR-related filters and rule sets and their amazing outperformance.

Patents also lend themselves to discovering the ESG (environmental, social, and governance) capabilities of a given company by analyzing its patents with a focus on technologies and processes that address the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


So far, IPR-Strategies is the only supplier that provides ESG and SDG patent value factors, the missing link for sustainable investing.

Our solution has been implemented by asset managers with over 300 billion euros in assets under management

The positive correlation between the value of a company's patent portfolio and its success in the market, as measured by its share price, has been demonstrated in previous studies.


Combining patent value with fundamental or market-related metrics offers a variety of new investment strategies that can generate significant Alpha.

The Invesco NASDAQ Future Gen 200 ETF
Symbol: QQQS) is the first commercially available ETF to use patent portfolio value relative to enterprise value as a stock selection criterion.

Boxplot Chart Patentbewertung
What We Do
  • We develop quantitative factors and investment strategies based on the monetary value of a company's patent portfolio.

  • We help investors add a fundamental factor to their existing strategy that measures a company's hidden assets and generates sustainable alpha.

  • We provide insight into a company's technology roadmap and can identify risks and opportunities.

  • We deliver ready-to-use datasets that are updated monthly, as well as ready-to-use strategies that have been tested in countless simulations or solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

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