the missing factor for investment decisions

Our mission is to find companies with high future potential based on their IP-value in order to derive alpha-generating investment strategies.

Patents represent a future legal monopoly on certain inventions and thus a legal competitive advantage.

They are intangible assets that are largely invisible on balance sheets.

We make these assets become measurable and provide them as an early indicator of future company growth.

Our data in action

Our Datasets,

We are offering ready-to-use patent value datasets for all listed companies that are updated monthly.

Sustainable patents

ESG and SDG related patent values for publicly traded companies worldwide
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  • Environment-related patent value shares
  • Social-related patent value shares
  • Governance-related patent value shares
  • SDG-related value shares (per 12 single Sustainable Development Goals)
  • Inventor-based gender equality ratio
  • Monthly updates for all listed companies that have sustainable patents
    Historical coverage back to 2007

Technology distribution

Detailed analysis of patent values distributed across the various technology areas for publicly traded companies worldwide.
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  • Patent values broken down by classes of the Cooperative Patent Classification
  • Patent valuation per company differentiated in up to 9 technology areas when analyzed at level 1
  • Patent valuation per company differentiated in up to 137 technology areas when analyzed at level 2
  • Patent valuation per company differentiated in up to 678 technology areas when analyzed at level 3
  • Monthly updates for all listed companies that have patents
  • Historical coverage back to 2007

Data for index
and fund design

Our patent data is used in the following indices and products.

Backesting and performance simulations

We applied different patent-based filtering strategies on several indices and funds (benchmarks), e.g. the top 30% companies with the most valuable self-invented patent portfolios. In all reference cases, we found at least one patent-based strategy that outperformed it's individual benchmark.

Recent News

Discover our latest developments and most exciting news.

Studies, Publications & White Papers

As part of the optimization of our own patent valuation indicators and patent valuation methodology, we regularly conduct studies, some of which we publish here.

Our Team:
A network of specialists

Our team is interdisciplinary, intercultural, intellectual and pragmatic. We are made up of finance- and investment-, recognized IPR, information, AI and big data and sustainability experts. Our intersection is the search for novelty and solutions that no one has thought of yet.

Director & Chief Quant

Joannis has more than two decades of experience, most notably as a quantitative analyst and fund manager at the asset management company of one of the top 5 banking groups in Germany, where he developed sophisticated trading models based on a quantitative algorithmic methodology as a consultant for institutional and private clients.

Chief Technology Officer

Markus is a true patent digital native. He spent many years researching in the patent data environment, focusing on structuring and harmonizing patent (raw) data as well as accurately assigning patents to their owners. As a business information computer scientist, he has the perfect expertise to link the domains of patents, IT and investment strategies.

Advisory IPR Strategies

Oliver is the co-founder and CEO of InTraCoM GmbH, based in Bonn, Germany. It is one of the most recognized and award-winning patent valuation companies in the world. Oliver has over 25 years of experience in patent valuation and is one of the top 300 IP strategists in the world. He developed the method for automatic, indicator-based patent valuation, laying the foundation for today's technical implementations.

Advisory IPR Strategies

Andreas Zagos, a graduate of chemical engineering from the University of Stuttgart, embarked on his professional journey at the Fraunhofer Group in Stuttgart, specializing in innovation management and patents. He co-founded InTraCoM GmbH, a company offering services and software for patent research and analysis. One of his most significant contributions was the development of an indicator-based patent valuation method, which utilizes advanced AI, ML, and NLP technologies.

Advisory IPR Strategies

Spiros is a venture capitalist, futurist, keynote speaker and senior consultant for the wefox group, SparkLabs Global, Mediastalker, Yield Growth and F10 Accelerator. He is the first international influencer to achieve "The Triple Crown" ranking and was ranked No. 1 international influencer for FinTech, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Onalytica.

Advisory IPR Strategies

Wolfgang is one of the founding members of the UN Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI) and chaired this organization for many years. As a board member of the UNPRI/UN Global Compact, he was closely involved in the development of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) and played a key role in shaping them. As a lawyer and economist, he actively supports the concept of IPR-Strategies to integrate ESG-relevant patents into a company's sustainability profile.

What our clients say

Our solution has been implemented by asset managers with over 300 billion euros in assets under management.

“I have never seen anything like what you have shown me. In the end this will allow us to also rate technical companies in a way we never could before.”

Fund Manager

”The results that we have found whithin backtesting were better than most of the other factors that we used so far. There is a strong significance between the indicators that are derived from corporate patent values and the performance of the dedicated company.”

Quantitative Analyst

”We see an enourmous outperformance after we have tested your data. This is really incredible.”

Bank Manager

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