IPR-Strategies strengthens advisory board with prominent Sustainability-Expert

February 25, 2020

Dr. Wolfgang Engshuber advises IPR-Strategies Ltd. based in Ireland in the field of sustainability.

IPR-Strategies Ltd. has also been involved in sustainability analyses for over a year. It has developed its own algorithms and models based on its many years of experience in the patent field.

Innovative companies that can generate a sustainable positive impact are thus identified at an early stage. The IPR Strategies continuously analyses and documents the data stock and thus determines the "hidden ESG assets".

According to the company, transparency in this form is unique to date!

About Dr. Wolfgang Engshuber

Dr. Wolfgang Enghuber

Dr. Wolfgang Engshuber is one of the founding members of the UN Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI) and has chaired this organization for many years. As a board member of the UNPRI/UN Global Compact, he was closely involved in the development of the UN's 17 sustainability goals (UN SDG - Sustainable Development Goals) and played a key role in shaping them. Being lawyer and economist, he actively supports the concept of IPR strategies to integrate ESG-relevant patents into the sustainability profile of a company. This includes, for example, adapting the informative value of their indicators. Investors thus receive "sustainable investment targets".

According to IPR-Strategies, it is now possible for the first time to extract those patents from a patent portfolio that describe, enable or at least support sustainable technologies using appropriate processes.

These would in turn be placed in relation to the value of the company's remaining patent portfolio in order to obtain a company-specific sustainability indicator. These could be mapped to the 17 sustainability targets. The result would be a sustainability profile for every company filing patents.

Such a profile could be compared, for example, with the average of an industry or with an older reference period to identify trends.

"I am pleased to support the team as sustainability is currently 'the' elementary factor for companies and our society to successfully shape the future. The approach of IPR-Strategies in this regard inspires me, it is new, innovative and unique in its form" says Dr. Engshuber.


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