Patent analysis helps to reveal and measure the real sustainability of companies

March 19, 2020

A recently published study done by InTraCoM and our advisory board member Dr. Wolfgang Engshuber surprises, how patent analysis can be used to identify objectively companies with a huge sustainability potential:

Sustainable patents are identified, their value measured and compared to the total patent portfolio value. The methodology described is perfectly suitable for a high level analysis which is fast, reliable and prevents "greenwashing" because it does not rely on any information that is published by the respective company itself. A comparison of the patent value based ESG rating with other sustainability rankings reveals a lot of surprises: sustainable companies according to public perception are, according to their R&D success which is represented in their patent portfolio, less sustainable than the sector average, other companies that were moderately ranked by other organisations concerning their sustainability turned out to be hidden "ESG Champions" according to their patents. The high share of sustainable patents uncovers a huge sustainability potential for the future. Read more...


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